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Zope Foundation Board of Directors meeting minutes (2012-10-22)

Date and Time: Monday, October 22, 2012 21:00 UTC
Location: IRC meeting, irc://irc.freenode.net/#zope-foundation
Directors Present:
- Page, Rob
- Rush, Jeff (treasurer)
- Seaver, Tres (chairman)
- Souza-Leite, Aroldo
- Vagelpohl, Jens (secretary)

Guests present:

- Call to Order
- Treasurer's report
  - treasurer turnover process
- Membership committee
  - new members since last meeting
- Repository committee
  - new committers since the last meeting
- Old business
  - domain name transfer Zope Corporation to Zope Foundation (tabled)
  - migrating the SVN repository to a ZF-controlled host (tabled)
  - New/revived nonprofit application status
  - PayPal account status update
  - Due and overdue hosting invoices
  - Updating the committer agreement and committer approval policy
  - Adopting a sane "patch policy" similar to the Plone Foundation's
- New business
  - Zope release manager selection vote
- Arranging the next meeting date
- Adjournment

Call to Order
The chairman calls the meeting to order at order at 21:11 UTC.

Treasurer's report
Apart from the items under Old business the treasurer has nothing 
to report.

Membership committee
One new nominated members has joined the Zope Foundation, 
David Glick.

Repository committee
Roche Compaan has joined as new contributor.

Old business
The secretary is still waiting for information about the internal 
discussions at Zope Corporation about the domain name transfer from 
Rob Page.

The treasurer reports no change on the nonprofit application 

The required PayPal documentation is down to one last document. The 
treasurer has also talked to the bank about international wire 
transfers and will pay the outstanding hosting invoices soon.

The committer agreements needed no updating and new wording for the 
committer approval policy was voted on via the board list, so these 
items are done.

A new patch policy modeled on the Plone Foundation patch policy was 
discussed and adopted through the board mailing list as well.

New Business
The secretary moves the board accept Leo Rochael Almeida's application 
as new Zope release manager, which is seconded by Aroldo. After no 
additional discussion the motion passes unanimously.

Arranging the next meeting date
The chairman will set up a Doodle for the next meeting date.

After an unopposed motion by the secretary to adjourn, seconded by 
Rob, the chairman adjourns the meeting at 21:22 UTC.

These minutes were written by the secretary, Jens Vagelpohl, 
according to the notes taken during the meeting.

These minutes were posted to the [email protected] mailing
list and approved by all participating directors on October 25, 2012.

The chairman bid the secretary keep these minutes on file.