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The Zope 2 web application platform has been under continuous development as an open source system since 1998. A large amount of software has been built on top of it. Well-known Zope-based projects are the Plone and Silva content management systems, and the ERP5 enterprise resource planning software.


The CMF (Content Management Framework) is a set of components built on top of Zope 2 to aid in the creation of content management systems. A well-known large content management system that has been built with the CMF is Plone.

Zope 3

Zope 3 is the next generation web platform developed by the Zope community. It has been under development since 2001, and became ready for production in 2005. Zope 3 is a developer-oriented platform. It aims to provide a collection of fine-grained components that can be combined to build powerful web applications.

Zope 3 can be used as an independent server platform, but can also be used in combination with Zope 2, using the Five integration layer.

zope.org website

The zope.org website is the public face of the Zope project. It aims to explain Zope to newcomers as well as guide developers to the various subprojects.