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Zope Foundation Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors - November 23 2009

Date and Time: Monday, November 23, 2009 15:00 UTC
Location: IRC meeting, irc://irc.freenode.net/#zope-foundation
Directors Present:
- Faassen, Martijn
- Jung, Andreas
- Page, Rob
- Seaver, Tres
- Theune, Christian
- Vagelpohl, Jens

- Call to Order
- Treasurer's report
    - Non-profit status update
- Membership Committee
    - New members since last meeting
- IP Committee
    - Updated copyright transfer agreement for commits made
      in "limbo time".
- Repo committee
    - New committers since last meeting
    - Changing the copyright attribution in the repo to the
- Foundation message and Website
    - the foundation needs to come up with a clear message what
      it means to be a member, and what members can do to help
      the foundation, and by extension the community as a whole.
    - website progress
- New business
- Next meeting

Call to Order
The chairman calls the meeting to order at 15:03 UTC.

Treasurer's report
The treasurer has no update on the non-profit status. He is still
completing the new set of documentation required by the IRS. The
chairman volunteers to take over some documentation.

Membership Committee
One new nominated member has joined the foundation since the
last meeting, Hanno Schlichting.

IP Committee
Rob Page as Zope Corporation representative has countersigned the
second copyright transfer document. The second copyright transfer,
which dealt with any contributions falling between the time of
the first agreement and the new contributor agreements coming
into force, is now finalized.

Repo committee
Christian Theune reports that two new contributors have signed up
since the last meeting, Daniel Holth (a referral from Chris McDonough)
and Anant Ponnusamy, vouched for by Baiju Muthukadan.

The copyright assignment changeover script is currently being
finalized. The last organizational hurdle, the second copyright
transfer agreement, has now been removed and the copyright
assignments are ready to be updated.

Foundation message and Website
The chairman reminded the board about the need to make the
foundation more relevant, both to paying and nonpaying members.

Currently, the foundation works to organize the developer
community, and to act as a decision maker or arbiter for
decisions that cannot be made by single community members. One
organizational item that has continued to be problematic is the
zope.org website, which will be the focal point in the near

The chairman hopes that increasing the foundation's relevance
for members will drive membership growth. The question remains
where the foundation should present itself to the community,
since there is no Zope Foundation event yet. Other foundations
have their own conference, such as the Plone conference organized
by the Plone Foundation, or PyCon for the Python Foundation. After
a short discussion about the pros and cons of organizing our
own conference versus riding on the coattails of existing
conferences or packaging it as a sprint the topic is tabled for
discussion on the board mailing list.

Andreas Jung will spend time this week on the website issue.

New business
No new business is brought up.

The chairman asks the vice chairman to solicit suggestions and
opinions for the next meeting date. The results will be announced
on [email protected] once they are ready.

The chairman adjourns the meeting at 15:30 UTC.

These minutes were written by the secretary, Jens Vagelpohl,
according to the notes taken during the meeting.

These minutes were posted to the [email protected] mailing
list and approved by all directors on November 25, 2009.

The chairman bid the secretary keep these minutes on file.