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Zope Foundation forms and documents

These documents, along with the bylaws, define the roles, privileges, and responsibilities of foundation members, and their relationship to the Foundation and its repositories.

Membership Agreement

This agreement is executed by prospective members of all membership classes prior to joining the Foundation.

Committer Agreement

This agreement is executed as a condition of gaining commit access to the Foundation's repositories. Being a committer does not grant any Zope Foundation membership rights. New committer applications are approved under the approval policy of the committer committee.

Patch Policy

This document specifies that patches which contain copyrightable creative work may only be merged after their authors have submitted a committer agreement.

Intellectual Property Policy

This document defines the IP policy for the Foundation, including defining the license(s) under which software and other copyright content may be contributed into the Foundation's repositories.

Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement

This agreement (a draft) conveys the copyrights for software in the zope.org repositories from Zope Corporation to the Foundation.

Trademark License

The license granted by Zope Corporation to the Zope Foundation, governing use of the "Zope" trademark.

Zope Public License, version 2.1

The primary copyright license governing software and content within the Foundation's repositories.

Older versions of these documents can be found in the archive.