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Zope Foundation Board of Directors meeting minutes (2012-09-10)

Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors

Date and Time: Monday, September 10, 2012 20:00 UTC
Location: IRC meeting, irc://irc.freenode.net/#zope-foundation
Directors Present:
- Page, Rob
- Rush, Jeff (treasurer), represented by Tres Seaver (proxy)
- Seaver, Tres (chairman)
- Smith, Jan (vice chair)
- Souza-Leite, Aroldo
- Vagelpohl, Jens (secretary)

Guests present:

- Call to Order
- Treasurer's report
  - treasurer turnover process
- Membership committee
  - new members since last meeting
- Repository committee
  - new committers since the last meeting
- Tabled items
  - domain name transfer Zope Corporation to Zope Foundation
  - migrating the SVN repository to a ZF-controlled host
- New Business
  - New/revived nonprofit application status
  - Explore PayPal for international wire transfers
  - VCS software; report from Jens
  - Vote on Jens' recommendations from the Zope 4 sprint
  - Zope release manager selection
- Arranging the next meeting date
- Adjournment

Call to Order
The chairman calls the meeting to order at order at 20:03 UTC.

Treasurer's report
Since the treasurer is unavailable due to an appointment he has 
emailed a report to the board mailing list and appointed the 
chairman as his proxy at this meeting.

Since the last meeting Jeff has filed a Certificate of Authority 
with the state of Texas which proves that the Zope Foundation is 
registered in Texas, a requirement for our new Texas-based bank.
He is still waiting for the result.

The secretary moves to accept the treasurer's written report, 
seconded by Rob Page. The motion is passed without opposing 

Membership committee
The secretary reports no new members since the last meeting.

Repository committee
Both the secretary and the chair have not seen any new contributors 

Tabled business
The tabled business items remain tabled.

New Business
The treasurer already covered the first two agenda items in 
his report.

On August 27 and 28, the secretary spent some time at a Zope sprint 
in Lille, hosted by Nexedi. He had the opportunity to discuss the 
stalled repository VCS system question with a group of people 
including Laurence Rowe, Leo Rochael Almeida and Jean-Paul Smets.
It became clear that whereas part of the membership would like to 
see a move to GitHub, there's also members who simply refuse to use
it. For the remainder of his time in Lille the secretary conducted 
an analysis of how GitHub can be used by the Zope Foundation 
without running afoul of legal issues. Following the sprint he 
prepared a report and a set of recommendations for the board.

The board spent a while discussing possible options. The original 
plan to have the board vote at this meeting was discarded. Instead, 
the board decided on two distinct options for the foundation 
membership to consider. The secretary introduced a motion to forward 
these two options to all foundation members and include a board
recommendation, then ask for a simple "straw poll" on the 
foundation members' mailing list to see which way the membership is 
leaning. The membership opinion would then be used as advice to the 
board for a deciding vote at the next board meeting in early 
October. The motion is seconded by Rob Page and passes unanimously.

The sprint in Lille also presented an opportunity to discuss Zope 
release manager candidates. Unfortunately, Laurence Rowe is no 
longer available due to an upcoming change of job, but Leo Rochael 
Almeida indicated he might be available, depending on the outcome 
of the board vote on VCS system and repository choice. Leo's work
would be supported, possibly by sponsoring some of his time, by 

The chair asks the secretary to draft the membership email outlining 
the VCS solutions to choose from, their advantages and disadvantages 
as seen from the board's perspective, and an official board 

Arranging the next meeting date
The chairman will set up a Doodle for the next meeting date.

After an unopposed motion by the secretary to adjourn, seconded by 
Aroldo, the chairman adjourns the meeting at 21:00 UTC.

These minutes were written by the secretary, Jens Vagelpohl, 
according to the notes taken during the meeting.

These minutes were posted to the [email protected] mailing
list and approved by all participating directors on September 13, 2012.

The chairman bid the secretary keep these minutes on file.