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2011-08-16, ZF Board Meeting, Agenda

Call to Order
  • Call to Order


Treasurer's report

  • Turnover (Gary)

Membership Committee  

  • New members since last meeting (Jens)

Repository committee

  • New committers since last meeting (Christian, Andreas)
  • Repository policy monitoring and community communication (Christian)

Old Business

Messaging / Communications


  • Web site progress (Andreas)

Tabled Items

  • Domain name transfer ZC -> ZF (Jens, Tres)
  • Migrating svn.zope.org to Foundation-controlled host (Tres)

New Business

  • New/revived nonprofit application status (Gary)
  • 2010 tax preparation/interfacing with the accountant (Gary)
  • Purchasing QuickBooks online (Gary)
  • Vote on approving additional hosting funds of about €210 for server upgrade (see email from Jens)


Doodle for next meeting (Jan)