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Zope Foundation Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors - May 11, 2011

Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 12:00 UTC
Location: IRC meeting, irc://irc.freenode.net/#zope-foundation
Directors Present:
- Jung, Andreas
- Rush, Jeff
- Seaver, Tres
- Smith, Jan
- Theune, Christian
- Vagelpohl, Jens

Guests present:
- None

- Call to Order
- Election of officers
  - treasurer
- Treasurer's report
  - treasurer turnover process
- Membership committee
  - new members since last meeting
- Repository committee
  - new committers since the last meeting
  - repository policy monitoring and community communication
- Message/communications
- Projects
  - website progress
- Tabled items
  - domain name transfer Zope Corporation to Zope Foundation
  - migrating the SVN repository to a ZF-controlled host
- New Business
  - New/revived nonprofit application status
  - 2010 tax preparation/interfacing with the accountant
  - Purchasing QuickBooks online
- Arranging the next meeting date
- Adjournment

Call to Order
The chairman calls the meeting to order at 12:02 UTC.

Election of officers
The last officer position to be filled for the new board
period is treasurer. An earlier email to the board list asking
for suitable candidates received no replies. Board member
Jeff Rush signals interest but would like to know more
about the duties and the time required for the position
first. He will send email to the previous treasurer, Gary
Poster. In case his candidacy does not work out the
secretary will send email to the general foundation
membership list soliciting candidates from outside the
board of directors.

Treasurer's report
Since the previous treasurer is absent and no new treasurer has
been elected this report is skipped.

Membership committee
No new foundation members have been signed up since the last

Repository committee
Andreas Jung reports two new contributors who have signed up
since the last meeting, Jamie Lentin and Lukasz Nowak.

Message/communications and projects
With the new repository software and policy test email
format in place the agenda point about repository policy
monitoring and community communication will be dropped.

The new zope.org website is now available for testing and
feedback at http://beta.zope.org. Andreas Jung plans on
doing the final rollout for the first half of June. He has
sent email to the zope-dev mailing list asking for feedback.
He also asks if the persons involved could invoice the
Zope Foundation directly for their part of the $2500 budget
instead of going through him, which is accepted by the board.

Tabled business
The domain name transfer and Subversion repository move
items remain tabled.

New Business
Since all items under New Business require participation by the
previous treasurer they are skipped.

Christian Theune asks if there is any plan in place for
work to be done by the board during this board period. The
chairman would like to revive an earlier email conversation
about future projects, started by Christian in February,
to come up with specific tasks. Other potential tasks were
discussed at a BoF meeting during the last Python Conference.

Arranging the next meeting date
The vice chair will set up a Doodle to plan the next meeting date.

The chairman adjourns the meeting at 12:34 UTC.

These minutes were written by the secretary, Jens Vagelpohl,
according to the notes taken during the meeting.

These minutes were posted to the [email protected] mailing
list and approved by all participating directors on May 17, 2011.

The chairman bid the secretary keep these minutes on file.