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2009-03-19, Annual General Members (AGM) Meeting, Agenda

Time: 17:00 UTC

Welcome (Martijn Faassen, 17:00 - 17:05)

  • Do we have a quorum?
  • Membership's acceptance of this agenda (vote: everyone against speak up)
The bylaws transition (Martijn Faassen, 17:05 - 17:20)
  • Members in limbo
  • Foundation board tried to resolve issue
  • Mistakes were made in due diligence checking whether people really wanted to leave
  • We tried to correct the issue by notifying limbo members, but notification of this meeting was too late for them, and they didn't receive notice of election ahead of meeting
  • Do we want to adjourn this meeting? (vote: everyone in favor speak up)
  • Do we want to convert those members that are unresponsive (within the next week) and those who have already indicated they wanted to leave the foundation to emeritus members? (vote: everyone against speak up)
Foundation progress report (Martijn Faassen, 17:20 - 17:30)
  • Progress since last year
  • Progress since the special bylaws meeting
  • Tasks of the new board
Financial report (Rob Page, 17:30-17:35)
Seating the new board (Martijn Faassen, 17:35-18:00)
  • Presentation of the election results
  • Acceptance of the election results by the membership (vote: anyone against speak up)
  • Thank you to the outgoing board
  • Seating of the new board
  • Arranging the first meeting of the new board
Adjournment, Champagne (18:00)