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2009-05-20, ZF Board Meeting, Agenda


  •  the use of a CRM for committer or membership tracking (Rob, Jens)
  •  A ZF dedicated fax nr? (Rob)

Financial report (Rob)

  • any dues not yet paid?
  • what about members who paid but had no new agreement yet?
  • Non-Profit status

Committer members transfer

  • Transfer of existing contributor forms to secretary (Rob, Jens)
  • Gathering of existing committer member data from svn.zope.org (Jens, Tres)
  • Transfer of existing committer members
  • Another signover of copyright for "limbo time"? (Rob)

Repo committee (Christian)

  • New committers since last meeting
  • Improvements to the procedure for new committers (Andreas) (see here)
  • Changing the copyright attribution in the repo to the foundation


  • New members since last meeting (Jens)
  • Sponsor member signup procedure

Zope branding issues

  • branding issues surrounding Zope (Martijn)