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2009-03-31, For Next ZF Board, Action Items

  • Clean up contribution process and agreements when the ZF runs the repository.
  • Vote on changes to bylaws to accept new members
  • approval of the new contributor agreement
  • Procedure for new members to join (needs bylaws modification so that we can easily let new members in) 
  • non-profit status needs to make progress
  • financials review
  • participation in Fowabe
  • Foundation outreach program (mailing to zope-dev, zope-announce?)
  • using SugarCRM for membership management?
  • hardcopy of the agreements of the Foundations with the new secretary besides Zope Corp?
  • Establish an official (meaning regular) channel of communication with the Plone Foundation. Cooperation with them is valuable, no matter what it ends up to be.
  • connect our announcements, minutes, to planet zope, zope-dev, zope-announce?
  • CC commons licensed images in microsites, how do we deal with SVN?
  • last limbo member check
  • ownership of domain names
  • ZPL 2.1 is not OSI approved
  • considering other licenses, such as BSD
  • changing svn.zope.org to https