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2010-09-29, ZF Board Meeting, Agenda

Call to Order
  • Call to Order (Tres)
  • Welcome any guests (Tres)


Treasurer's report

  • Turnover (Gary)

Membership Committee  

  • New members since last meeting (Jens)

Repository committee

  • New committers since last meeting (Christian, Andreas)
  • Repository policy monitoring and community communication (Christian)

Old Business

Messaging / Communications

  • Zope Summit update (Christian)
  • Calendar packages (Andreas)


Tabled Items

  • Domain name transfer ZC -> ZF (Jens, Tres)
  • Migrating svn.zope.org to Foundation-controlled host (Tres)

New Business

  • Revive the non-profit application process
  • Events Calendar - has now been revamped using Plone's Events http://calendar.zope.org/ (Jan)
  • Funding Policy. Here's a possible funding policy:

"The Zope Foundation is in favor of encouraging Zope development by funding events. Currently the Zope Foundations does not have the resources to fund any events." (Jan)


Doodle for next meeting (Jan)