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2010-02-24, For Next ZF Board, Action Items

New business

These items have not been decided, some discussion has taken place.

  • Elect new board officers (secretary, treasurer, chairman/president, vice chairman/president)
  • A mentor program for new contributors to consolidate them into actual contributors?
  • Transfer bank account responsibility, check signing rights and online banking access to the new treasurer (AFAIK this can be done by board resolution, we have done this before to get Stacey Peterson access)
  • Purchase some kind of virtual office service with a postal address and mail forwarding as well as phone number with forwarding and/or voicemail
  • If necessary (check with Rob Page) set up a new fax forwarding service, he set up the original one.
  • Decide on an accountant to handle ZF bookkeeping
  • "Zope summit" (https://mail.zope.org/mailman/private/foundation-board/2009-December/002090.html)
  • Cleaning up the membership paperwork.
  • Membership drive

Ongoing business

These items have been discussed and voted on at board meetings, they are currently in progress.


These items should be tackled but have not been discussed at all yet.

  • JV: Server update/migration for hetzner01.zopefoundation.org (a.k.a. mail.zope.org): the server runs Fedora 8, which is no longer supported. I suggest renting an additional server when CentOS 6 is offered by Hetzner for a migration period and then decommissioning the old one afterwards.
  • JV: foundation.zope.org update: The site structure is confusing, it needs clearing up. The underlying software is outdated, hard to support (no "local" knowledge left in the new board), and hard to update (old-fashioned buildout-less install). I suggest moving to something like the CMF. IMHO Plone is needlessly heavy and resource-intensive for this small application. MF: Might Sphinx not be simplest?