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Zope Foundation Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors - August 18 2008

1 Agenda

The agenda is accepted as follows:

  1. Bylaws: what voting procedure for board members?
  2. Bylaws: final review
  3. Bylaws: acceptance by the board
  4. Bylaws: adoption procedure, annual meeting
  5. New server status (Jens)
  6. Web site deadline (Martijn)
  7. Summer of code (Martijn)
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Adjournment

2 Bylaws: what voting procedure for board members?

The final wording will be worked on by Tres and Rob, but the consensus is that each member should have a vote per seat available, and that any ties will be decided by runoffs.

3 Bylaws: final review

There are no further comments on the latest draft.

4 Bylaws: acceptance by the board

The final draft of the bylaws, excepting the board election voting procedures, is accepted by the board members present to be proposed to the membership, but since not all board members are present or voting by proxy, the final acceptance will be postponed until the next meeting.

5 Bylaws: adoption procedure, annual meeting

Elections for the new board of directors will have to wait until after the new bylaws are in effect.

For the adoption of the new bylaws, the chairman will call a special meeting with only the adoption of the new bylaws on the agenda. This meeting will have to be called at least thirty days in advance.

To increase the chances the quorum for the adoption will be met, the secretary shall make up a list of the current membership and divide it up between the board members, who will approach the members and ask them personally to commit to attend the special meeting.

The annual meeting will be called three to five weeks after the special meeting to allow for nominations and the election process to play out.

The two meetings are planned for late September and late October.

6 New server status (Jens)

The mailman migration went well. There are no known problems with it.

Zope Corporation will maintain the software repository left on the old infrastucture, until that too can be moved, hopefully in late fall.

Two issues remain: where to host the new zope.org website, and where to back up the existing Zope Foundation server to. Both issues would be solved by leasing a new server.

Jens moves the Zope Foundation lease a second server under the same conditions that apply for the first. This would mean one time set up costs of around EUR 60, and an additional EUR 85 per month fee.

Eric seconds the motion. The motion is adopted. Jens will order the new server.

7 Web site deadline (Martijn)

Martijn has suggested that Martin Aspeli set a deadline for the content. This has not happened yet.

8 Summer of code (Martijn)

The coding part is over as of today, and evaluation will now begin. It looks like the results are mixed, with one drop out for health reasons, two projects that seem to have done quite well (ZEO RAID and OCQL) and one project that has been eerily quiet of late (Zope 2 on python 2.5).

There have been positive reports from affiliate projects as well.

One lesson for next edition seems to be to enforce more strictly the rule that mentors and students have contact at least once a week.

9 Miscellaneous

No miscellaneous points were raised.

10 Adjournment

The next ZF BoD meeting is scheduled for Monday, 2008-08-25 13:00 UTC

The chairman adjourns the meeting at 14h11m UTC.

These minutes were written by the secretary, Eric, according to the notes taken during the meeting.

These minutes were posted to the [email protected] mailing list and approved by all directors on 2008-10-01.

The Chairman bid the Secretary keep these minutes on file.

Author: eric casteleijn <[email protected]>

Date: 2008/10/01 10:26:33 PM