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2010-03-24, ZF Board Meeting, Agenda

Call to Order
  • Welcome to guests (Tres)


Treasurer's report

  • Turnover (Gary, Rob)
  • Non-Profit status update (Gary, Rob)

Membership Committee

  • New members since last meeting (Jens)

Repository committee

  • New committers since last meeting (Christian, Andreas)
  • Changing the copyright attribution in the repo to the foundation (Christian)
  • Announcing the completion of the transition to zope-dev (Christeian)

Old Business

Messaging / Communications

  • Messaging issues (Tres)
  • Zope Summit plans (Christian)
  • Web site progress (Andreas)
  • Calendar?
  • Domain name transfer ZC -> ZF (Jens, Rob)


  • Relevant sub-domains (grok, ZODB, zope2, ZTK, others?)
  • Release manager selection process for Zope 2 and others (Jens)
  • Zope Toolkit governance issues

New Business


  • Doodle for April meeting (Jan)