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Zope Foundation and DZUG boards meet

Potsdam, June 5, 2007 - the boards of the Zope Foundation and the DZUG (German speaking Zope User Group) met in Potsdam, Germany. The meeting took place after the close of the successful Zope-Tagung, a conference on Zope that that DZUG organizes annually. Topics discussed were wide-ranging, and included closer cooperation between DZUG and the Zope Foundation as well as a reaching out to other regional user groups.

Recognizing DZUG as one of the oldest and most successful of regional Zope user groups, the Zope Foundation is interested in tapping DZUG's experience and resources for the wider international Zope community. In order to foster closer cooperation between DZUG and the Zope Foundation, the Zope Foundation has invited DZUG to participate in Zope Foundation board meetings on an observer basis. In addition, a DZUG representative will join the Zope Founadtion committee in charge of revising the Zope web presence.