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About the Zope Foundation

The Zope Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that provides support for the Zope community and the Zope platform and its associated software. Our community includes the open source community of contributers as well as the community of businesses and organizations that use Zope.

The aim of the Zope Foundation is to assist these communities in moving the Zope platform forward. It does this in several ways:

  • The future of Zope is ensured. The foundation is an independent body that holds the copyrights to the Zope source code. It also maintains the zope.org website. The foundation is therefore able to ensure the continued promotion and development of the platform.
  • Accountable open source. The foundation, through its copyright assignment policy, makes sure that any contributions by community members are placed under a liberal open source license (the ZPL 2.1), and are copyrighted by the Zope Foundation. This makes the Zope platform safe to use in any open source or proprietary settings.
  • Support the community. The Zope community is made up of volunteers that care about the Zope platform. We help in organizing these volunteers so they have the ability to get things done and move Zope forward.
  • Promotion of Zope. The Zope Foundation promotes Zope. One important channel we use to promote Zope is the zope.org website, which is managed by the foundation.
  • Project infrastructure. Contributors to the Zope platform make use of extensive infrastructure in order to collaborate, ranging from mailing lists and issue trackers to version control systems. The Zope Foundation, thanks to the contributions of its members, maintains this infrastructure.
  • Project release manager selection. If a project hosted on svn.zope.org needs assistance selecting a release manager, the Zope Foundation Board of Directors can help. In collaboration with the previous release manager(s) the board selects a new project manager from candidates suggested by developers on the respective project.

Contacting the Zope Foundation

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