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Zope Foundation Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors - 2012-01-31

Date and Time: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 20:00 UTC
Location: IRC meeting, irc://irc.freenode.net/#zope-foundation
Directors Present:
- Poster, Gary
- Rush, Jeff (treasurer)
- Seaver, Tres (chair)
- Smith, Jan (vice chair)
- Vagelpohl, Jens (secretary)

Guests present:

- Call to Order
- Treasurer's report
  - treasurer turnover process
- Membership committee
  - new members since last meeting
  - Sponsor member reminder email to renew in 2012
- Repository committee
  - new committers since the last meeting
- Tabled items
  - domain name transfer Zope Corporation to Zope Foundation
  - migrating the SVN repository to a ZF-controlled host
- New Business
  - New/revived nonprofit application status
  - Documents to be filed with the Delaware State Corporation Commission
    to keep up the ZF incorporation status
  - Opening a new bank account or salvaging the old one
  - International wire transfer options for invoice payment
  - Purchasing QuickBooks online
  - Annual meeting announcements
- Arranging the next meeting date
- Adjournment

Call to Order
The chairman calls the meeting to order at 20:01 UTC.

Treasurer's report
Gary Poster sent in a report via email before the meeting. The
combined foundation funds stand at $ 62,657.35. Gary has sent all
treasurer documents to the current treasurer.

Gary has been contacted by Corporation in Delaware about Delaware taxes,
due March 1, he has handed all information to Jeff Rush, who promised
to work on this before the deadline.

He also announces that he will not stand as a board candidate for the
next board period.

Membership committee
No new members have joined since the last meeting.

The reminder email for sponsor members to renew their membership has not
been sent out yet. The board discusses options for message wording. The
secretary will handle composing and sending the email.

Repository committee
The repository committee report is skipped because Andreas and
Christian are absent. The chair and the secretary have not noticed
any new applications coming in.

Tabled business
The domain name transfer and Subversion repository move
items remain tabled.

New Business
The chairman is still trying to complete the trail of old documents
regarding the non-profit application and any tax-related issues.
Some of it is in the box of documents Gary Poster sent the treasurer,
who promises to go through the contents and scan the relevant papers.

The chairman asks for opinions on the draft annual meeting announcement
email. The board agrees that it's in good shape for sending out. The
announcement will not just go to internal foundation lists but to
the community as a whole. Any items that might need debating will be
handled via email to the foundation list beforehand. The goal is to
have a roll-call style vote at the meeting.

Arranging the next meeting date
The vice chair will set up a Doodle for the next meeting date.

The chairman adjourns the meeting at 20:26 UTC.

These minutes were written by the secretary, Jens Vagelpohl,
according to the notes taken during the meeting.

These minutes were posted to the [email protected] mailing
list and approved by all participating directors on February 07, 2012.

The chairman bid the secretary keep these minutes on file.